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  1. Hi Everyone, my New Year's resolution is to get more of these assignments to you guys. So I'm going back to the 2-a-month schedule. I have also have prepared a master list of what is coming up.

    To keep it simple, all assignments will start on the 1st or 15th of the month. Good luck and happy shooting!

    Assignment name Due date
    1. Show us your gear 15 Jan
    2. Camera phone 1 Feb
    3. Minimalist 15 Feb
    4. Journey 1 Mar
    5. Books 15 Mar
    6. Up high 1 April
    7. shadows 15 April
    8. vivid 1 May
    9. Fruit & Veg 15 May
    10. Low light 1 June
    11. eyes 15 June
    12. Animals 1 July
    13. reflections 15 July
    14. Rivers 1 Aug
    15. Panning 15 Aug
    16. Curves 1 Sept
    17. Bokeh 15 Sept
    18. Lens flare 1 Oct
    19. Rain 15 Oct
    20. my commute 1 Nov
    21. Steet 15 Nov
    22. Dirty 1 Dec
    23. Best of the year 15 Dec
    24. New year resolutions 1 Jan
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  2. Cheers @Chris! Good to see the list ahead of time.
  3. And about half have already been written so the thread can just be moved over and should be able to go out on time. Even got an alarm on my phone for it!
  4. Super duper organised. My hero :)
  5. I have a question/request, as we now have the master list to rule them all, please could we change the rules to allow us to take the photographs at any point within the year rather than a two week window? I love the topics, and i love the idea of having a printed list in my photo bag to inspire me throughout the year. What say you benevolent boss man?
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  6. Actually, that's not too shabby an idea - I might spot something tomorrow, that would be a good entry for the June topic ... for instance. There will be the temptation to simply trawl through your existing library to retrofit something though.
  7. I like that idea too. Helps the film shooters a lot!
  8. I'm open to the idea but what will keep people from coming regularly? For us, the reason for the 2 week thing is to get people in and posting regularly. If it was open throughout the yeah I have nothing to put out on social media and chances of hits through the year would be low. Unless you have another idea of handling it?
  9. Presumably people mean that they can take shots any time during the year, but only post them during the 2 weeks the challenges are up? Not sure I like that, in all honesty. I think you'd just end up going through a years worth of shots to find something that vaguely fits rather than coming up with ideas on the spot.
  10. It's sort of a catch-22 I think... The idea is to force people to get out a take photos on a regular basis, as well as get them taking photos of subjects they are not all that used to or comfortable with... If its open to any photo from the past year it becomes more about searching your archives for a photo that fits, rather then thinking it through, getting out with the camera to make a photograph, and improving yourself as a photographer... I think the film side is a valid argument since that is a lot more involved then my memory card slot.

    Another idea would be to post the list of upcoming challenges ahead of time so people can get thinking, test shooting, etc... but still have the "in the window rule" with a exception for the film folks. But that would have to be on a honor system since no one really knows when that film photo was taken.

    Just thinking out loud... Also I think koala bears are cool... :confused:

  11. The big problem is the glaring one that is staring us all in the face, none of us have as much time to take photo's as we'd like, and a two week window is barely enough time for me to get around to doing the dishes let alone get some specific photography done. Add to that the fact that it would be massively frustrating to, say, go on an epic holiday or trek on the 28th of Feb, but not be able to use any pictures, and then spend the following two weeks sat in a van in a traffic jam on the A40.

    As far as the concerns go, if anything I think this will encourage more activity on the assignments, because more people will hopefully have entries, and their entries will hopefully be better. I am not for one moment suggesting that people can post to the assignments out of the relevant window, I very much think that they should be a positively and actively marked event as each one lands, and as each one hits it will focus people's attention to either get out and shoot, or post the images that they have already taken for the assignment.

    This brings me on to the second concern regarding the trawling of past images rather than shooting with a purpose. We now have a list of assignments, which surely is our purpose. Having year long shot lists has been a popular way to motivate people over the last few years and this is a more focused version of that, with added time constraints and competition. No photo from before the list was released should be allowed, but after that we could all be actively looking to take photo's that fit the brief, so it wouldn't be a case of just looking for something in the archive that fits, but rather returning to images specifically taken.

    i don't want to say that you guys are wrong on this, but here's why you're all wrong on this; the best thing about the assignments is that they make us think about different shots and ways of shooting, and when all goes to plan they inspire us to take pictures that we might not think of otherwise. As it currently stands we only think about each thing for a two week window and either try and make the best of it we can, or we don't enter, then we forget about it and move on to the next assignment.

    If we make this a year long thing, then the smart cookies will have this list on their phones or on a bit of paper, and will ALWAYS be looking to use the techniques and ideas, allowing for refinement and improvement as we learn what works and what doesn't, and we can capitalise on opportunities as they present themselves. The net result will hopefully be that people gain more from doing the assignments, the quality of the images in the assignments will be higher, the number of entries will be higher and so the amount of traffic will be higher, with any luck building to a crescendo at the end of the year.

    But I mean if you guys aren't sold on the better images more learning and greater engagement arguments, then won't someone please think of the film shooters? For the love of god, just think of the film shooters! Oh, wait, you already did. Ok, I got nothing.

    Hey guys, look - an overly long and utterly pointless rant against the world! I'M BACK BABY!!!

    ps, The great irony of this is that I am a disorganised idiot and will most likely still be shooting for the assignment 10 minutes before every closing date regardless of the rules.
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  12. I guess it can't hurt to try. The main thing is to get more people posting shots, so if this does that I can't see the harm.

    Plus, personally I have other things to focus on this year so photography is likely to play 3rd or 4th fiddle so perhaps being able to store up shots will mean I can get a few more entries in. I haven't really entered a shot in an assignment I've actually liked that much for a while.
  13. There has always been the option (perhaps unscrupulously) of entering an image from ones back catalogue.
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  14. I can see where folks are coming from re still only allowing images taken in the 2 week window to count but lets face it that hasn't really been working for the majority of us for a while and as a result the number of entries have been falling. I have missed many assignments over 2014 purely because I haven't had much camera time (well at least time to go out and shoot what I want rather than what I was getting paid to) and when I have entered something it's been a last minute things so not really thought out, I haven't really learned anything and I've not been happy with the quality (but still submitted in an attempt to keep the number of entries up).

    So perhaps, seeing as the list is out already, we should allow people to submit images taken outwith the 2 week window (but still withing 2015) but encourage people to go out specifically within the 2 week window if they can. This could result in more entries, entires that are higher quality and perhaps people will learn by having more time to think out/plan a shot.
  15. I feel y'all... maybe a hybrid and say a window of 60 days before the assignment ends? Again, my thought being I have a backlog big enough I wouldn't have to shoot a single photo all year and still submit till the cows come home.. which isn't in the spirit of the assignments... But I am also the least qualified person to decide anything so whatever y'all decide is good with me...

  16. That's maybe not a bad idea, running a few which overlap with longer time frames and a two week voting window?
  17. Everytime I've looked at this thread I get a little more confused as to where it is going. Tomorrow is the deadline. So if anyone (ahem @moroseduck cough cough lookin' at you) wants to give simple clear guideline for folks as to how this will work (because I'm confuzzed at the mo) I'm happy to trial it for at least 6 months to see if it works.

    Do we still do votes? Do we still tell everyone every two weeks what the assignment is? How to we get people to come and participate?

    What are the rules etc?
  18. I deny everything ... I've never photographed a photograph just to get the EXIF date right. "Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they're not out to get you".
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  19. Ok, here's how I would suggest we go about it:

    Assignments continue exactly as they have been, with threads being opened and promoted on the given date, closed at the end of that date and followed by a two week voting period.

    Entries can obviously only submitted whilst the thread is open, focussing peoples minds on the given topic and allowing us to properly promote each one individually.

    Pictures do not need to be taken within the two week window, but must have been shot after the release of the 2015 list, 1/1/2015.

    Images can only be submitted to one assignment per shot, so no re-using your faves, except perhaps for the best of category at the end of the year.

    I would suggest perhaps reducing the number of shots posted the thread from 5 to 3, with either the users choice being nominated, or if one hasn't been nominated then the last one posted by a user.

    I don't know if that helps at all or if that seems even more sucky. I wonder whether it would even be possible to automate or pre-program the assignment threads to open and close on their own?
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  20. ... make it so ...

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