Assignment finished 2015 Assignment 5 | Books - 15 March

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  1. 2015 Assignment 5 | Books - 15 March


    Due date: 15 Mar

    Books are awesome, I really love them. I suggest taking lots of pictures of books now because in a few year's time I think they will cease to exist. So here is your opportunity! For this assignment we want you to photograph books, libraries and anything else book-ish - like hot librarian girls.

    If you add multiple pictures please write [Nominate] next to the image you want to be used for the vote.

    Photos must be taken from the date of start of this post till the due date. Pictures outside of this time will not be counted for the vote.

    Next assignment: Up high 1 April
  2. Hot librarian girls?
  3. WHERE???
  4. on those naughty websites :p
  5. Got until the weekend guys and gals, where've all the photographers gone? Two nice busy assignments and then it's quieter than worms burp around here. You all have books, we will also accept novellas, comics, pamphlets etc etc.
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    I've gone on holiday, but pamphlets you say? Here is the first, and possibly only digital pic I will take here, hastily shot on my badgered iphone in my hotel lobby.

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    Square format in honour of the 120 I've been blasting through all day. (Portra 160, rollei 100 something or other, rollei 80s)
  8. I've been busy, with one small child and two exhibitions to worry about. Hang on a sec, I'll grab a camera and take a small depth of field shot of my bookcase.
  9. Some books, earlier this evening...
    One of them is a story about Jeremy Clarkson not punching someone :)


    Phone shot, processed with Aviary which I have not used before, seems quite good!
  10. There's just a great feeling of blasting through 120 film. I shot 3 rolls at the weekend. Now admittedly 35 photos in a weekend isn't blasting but it feels so damn good - until you have to pay dev, print and scan fees. But I love it!
  11. Done! One shot and one trip to the lightroom presets panel which, truth be told, I've never actually looked at before because, well, y'know, presets. Ugh. So, I hereby present my completely creativity-free and totally unoriginal photo of a small selection of the photography books I have.

    Oh look some books
    by KidLorneRoll, on Flickr
  12. That would work really well, except I don't have time I need to learn to do it properly. I have thought about buying a scanner and just sending out for development but scanning must be the dullest part.

    With my "legend in his own time" hat on, I'm a Magnum photographer who just shoots wild things and then moves on, sending the films back to base for all that messy stuff.
  13. Yeah, scanning can be a bit tedious, but I much prefer it to wet printing contact sheets. With a bit of care you usually end up with better quality and higher res scans too.
  14. Troll much? Anyway....

    It's easier to develop yourself than going to the post office/lab.
    frankly it's outrageous you haven't given it a go!

    Here is the workflow:

    Load film
    Add developer (rodinal)
    Shake for a bit then leave it for one hour ish (no need to be exact)
    Drink beer/tea/make dinner
    Pour out Dev, rinse out with tap water,
    Add fixer for 5 minutes, shake every now and again.
    Rinse out

    It's so easy, and I'm certainly no expert, but it seems that if you develop this is way you can pull camera setting out of your arse and the pic still comes out. Seriously, nothing seems to phase it - say 1/60 and f2.8 or f16, both will come out just fine.
  15. That easy huh?
    Maybe I should try it then. I guess every time the tank is open needs to be in the dark but the every now and again shaking can be on the sofa in front of the telly?
  16. All this talk is making me feel real bad about the two rolls of film that have been sat on the side waiting to be developed for 3 months. I'm just too knackered by the time i get in to run the gauntlet of loading the film and getting everything organised.

    Mind you, i feel even more guilt for never getting out to take pictures.
  17. Are you on holiday in Korea? And do some of those pamphlets say you can tour the DMZ? Don't get sucked into the North by mistake!!
  18. Yup :)

    And today I went up north!

    Technically part of the JSA in the DMZ is in the north, I fired off a shot of a guard, fingers crossed it comes out ok (I came out fine)

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