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  1. What's worse; hashtag or lomography?
  2. Hash tags, no question. Lomography is just an after the fact justification you can apply to fudged up pictures, or is that just me?

    In fact I'll even go as far as to say that i quite like the general tenets of Lomography, and as my Flickr account shows I'm quite fond of the flawed. I think what makes it harder to love is largely instagram and all the over used fake filters, the hipster association, and the fact that for a while it felt like it was dominating film photography.
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    If I have to choose then hashtags are worse. I am really loving my Diana camera at the moment. I try to use it to take good photos though, not just the usual lomo nonsense.

    I'm even trying to be relaxed about HDR these days given it is maturing slightly from the horrible garish fashion of a couple of years ago.

    Having voted hashtags as worse though, I find myself not very angry about them. Meh...
  4. I can't vote on either. Hashtags are what got you to guys to this site. Lol

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